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Feedback from our clients –

- Practical approach
- Good facilitators, good audience participation
- Staff were prepared and professional.
- Ability to apply risk management to projects is extremely valuable
- Training material, presenters, group sessions
- Discussions, contributions made to help understand the concept
- The staff know the subject well and communicated concepts clearly
- The facilitators were experts in risk management
- We were given space to discuss
- Experienced facilitators
- Remarkable eye opening experience and teamwork interaction.
- Valuable learning and very informative, well organised.
Mondial Knowledge Solutions

The Benefits of

• Risk Management training is essential for buy in, consistent application of risk assessment tools and methodologies and improvement in maturity of risk management in an organisation.
• Business Continuity Training is essential for the awareness of employees in how to respond in the event of a disaster, as well as for BCM practitioners to develop, manage and test BCM/CEM plans.
• Facilitation skills training assists risk practitioners to conduct risk assessments, meetings and other sessions that meet required objectives.


Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Training
• Risk Management for non-risk managers.
• Risk Management for Risk Champions/Managers
• Risk Management for Risk Practitioners and related functions.
• Fundamentals of risk assessments
• Facilitating a risk assessment.
• Risk Bow Ties
• Risk based control reviews and design.
• Control self-assessments
• Risk based auditing and the functioning of risk and audit committees.
• Incident and accident investigation: the why, where, who, how and when of learning from Incidents and near misses.
• Governance, risk management and compliance.
Business Continuity Management (BCM) / Resilience and Emergency Management
• BCM for practitioners and managers
• General BCM awareness sessions to the Board and Executive.
• Crisis awareness as it pertains to business continuity, aimed at general staff
• How to integrate emergency management, incident management and business continuity – towards a resilient organisation
Facilitation Skills
Fundamentals of facilitation, techniques for gathering, organising and evaluating idea, decision making techniques, planning tools and understanding intervention techniques and processes for getting a meeting back on track.
Governance Training
• An introduction to corporate governance.
• Audit Committee training – including all aspects of corporate governance and sections on risk based auditing and the functioning of risk and audit committees.
Project risk management training
Our project risk management training interventions, aimed at small to very large capital projects are tailor made courses that align and incorporate a company’s specific risk management philosophy and approach.

The Value in our Approach:

• Mondial has over 15 years of training experience in the field of Governance, Risk and Compliance supported by over 15 years of providing GRC advisory and implementation services to many sectors of the industry.
• We can provide generic training, or adapt our approach, content and delivery styles to accommodate a vast range of requirements and audiences with specific risk languages, methodologies and approaches in order to maximize the value of the message received by delegates.
• We can tailor a full risk related training strategy and risk skill transfer program that our clients may require.
• Mondial training includes a significant amount of practical exercises for the application of knowledge learned.
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