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Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

The Benefits of ERM

• Greater confidence and more informed decision making
• Stakeholder confidence
• Greater efficiency through prioritised actions and focus
• Fewer ‘surprises’ leading to dependable returns and steady, confident growth
• Greater management ‘agility’ and ability to seize strategic opportunities
• Organisation culture of accountability and commitment to business objectives


• Risk Management Framework and Processes: We can develop risk management frameworks and processes for risk assessment, root cause analysis, control self-assessment, assurance, crisis and emergency and business continuity management, incident investigation, risk based audit systems, project risk management, risk management in mergers and acquisitions, insurance, sustainability and the management of operational and other risks.
• "Rent a Risk Manager": clients can outsource their entire risk management function to us.
• Risk Reporting: advisory, design and facilitation of reporting.
• Gap Analysis: evaluate current risk management practices against international benchmarks and standards and provide a road map for continual improvement.
• Facilitating Risk Assessments: We can facilitate the identification and analysis of strategic, operational and process risks. We are able to provide assistance with qualitative, semi-quantitative as well as quantitative risk analysis.
• ERM Training: We can develop and provide specialist ERM training. For more information on our Training services please click here.
• Due Diligence: We can conduct risk based due diligence exercises and independent programme assurance.
• Risk Committees: We can provide guidance on Risk, Audit Committees or Board level committees on the requirements of King IV and its practical implementation, as well as serve as independent committee members.
• Bow Tie Risk Analysis: We can facilitate risk bow tie exercises for detailed risk analysis, strategy and risk modelling, control self-assessments and risk reviews.
• Risk Based Audit Plans: We can assist our clients with development and delivery of risk based audit plans and audit processes, as well as conducting such audits.
• Project Risk Management: Providing specialist advice on project risk management during all phases of capital projects and acquisitions.
• Software Solutions: We can manage the selection and evaluation process as well as gap analysis of governance, risk and compliance software solutions according to customer specific needs.

The Value in our Approach:

• Our meticulous approach is based on current international benchmarks and we assist clients to address all potential areas of risk including strategic, internal and external operational, financial and non-financial risk as well as compliance risk issues.
• Our approach is tailored to our clients’ needs, levels of maturity, organisation complexity and culture.
• At all stages in our engagement with a client, we promote knowledge sharing to ensure sustainability.
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